Legorreta + Legorreta

Our association with Legorreta + Legorreta began in 1984 when Ricardo Legorreta designed his first US home for the actor Ricardo Montalban. Bill Bernstein, working for the executive architect, acted as project manager for this house as well as three other Los Angeles homes designed by Mr. Legorreta. In 1997 Bill opened his own office and continued working with Legorreta as executive architect on many other projects, both in and away from the Los Angeles area. These included out of state projects in South Florida and Arkansas as well as California projects in Petaluma, Carmel and Pebble Beach. Carlos became acquainted with Legorreta from the construction side while working for the contractor on a residence in Bel Air. We continued working together on Legorreta projects and now have joined together in our own projects as well.

Our combined relationship with both Ricardo and Victor Legorreta has been one of the most rewarding experiences either one of us have had in the architectural profession. Our work with Legorreta usually begins with the design phase and continues through engineering, material selection and construction of the building. We have learned to think and adapt to the Mexican style of architecture while solving the problems of American codes and construction. It has given us tremendous insight and knowledge of the design philosophy of one of the great architectural firms in the world, yet humbled us in the approach of working closely and intimately with clients as Legorreta has always done. The projects included in our website, although designed by these great architects, represent the collaborative efforts of both our firms to creating beautiful and breathtaking architecture with the most contemporary and technologically advanced methods available in the profession today. It has truly been a joy and honor to be involved with these remarkable "Arquitectos".

Legorreta + Legorreta Projects