Carlos Zubieta

Carlos Zubieta, a native of Uruguay, moved to the United States in 1981 as a teenager when his family decided to relocate and re-build their lives in Los Angeles. Carlos discovered his passion for design and building at an early age. Growing up in a farm for 10 years with no commercial toys available stimulated his young creative mind.

He attended SCI-ARC where he received his Bachelor of Architecture degree. He graduated in 1994 with Best Thesis Honor in his graduating class. During his studies he spent a semester in Turkey attending Middle Eastern Technical University studying Roman and Seljuk architecture in what we now know as Turkey.

After graduating SCIA-ARC Carlos interned with sculptor Robert Graham for two years exploring the connection between art and architecture. He participated in the planning and fabrication of Graham’s work for the Duke Ellington Memorial in New York City, and the F.D.R Memorial in Washington D.C.

His inquisitiveness and need to better understand the "building process" brought him to work for a Los Angeles contractor in 1996, he was immediately immersed in the construction of a large custom residence designed by Ricardo Legorreta. He also served as a client representative for a large custom residence built for a Hollywood personality. This was a key part of Carlos’ experience as well as the beginning of his current involvement and association with Bill Bernstein and Legorreta Arquitectos. Carlos has worked with Bill Bernstein for the last 10 years before formalizing the current partnership.