Bill Bernstein

Bill Bernstein is a graduate of The Ohio State University in 1974 with a degree in Architecture and moved west to pursue his career. Although he grew up in New York he fulfilled his dream of moving to Southern California in 1975 and worked for several small firms in Los Angeles, including Sheriff + Associates where he was Senior Associate from 1985 until 1997. At that time the opportunity to go into practice for himself was realized. Although Bill was involved in many commercial office and retail projects over the years, residential architecture was always closest to his heart which accounts for the large number of houses the firm works on today.

Much of Bill’s experience in the residential field stems from projects created for the Southern California lifestyle. Projects in Malibu, Laguna, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades and the Hollywood Hills has defined a style of indoor – outdoor living, incorporation of light and openness and a use of materials compatible with the year round climate of Los Angeles. Working with Ricardo Legorreta since 1984 and visiting homes and buildings throughout Mexico over the years has broadened the influence of climate and color into his own design philosophy. "Ricardo has taught me how to design with emotion and passion and how to use those senses in effecting the lives of our clients through architecture."

Bill has been licensed to practice architecture in the State of California since 1981. He has worked outside of the state on projects in New York, Miami, Chicago, Essex -Vermont, Honolulu and Seattle.

In 2008, Bill and Carlos opened their office in Venice, California, where art and architecture is predominant. Working and associating with many architects and artists has added a new level of design philosophy and sense of community within this California beach town. "The architecture of my youth is no longer what I practice. I am Southern California through and through."